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Glendora Welfare, like most organizations, was born as a result of an event in the history of their city or town. The Glendora Welfare Association (GWA) was formed in 1958 to provide emergency assistance to Glendora residents and it has continued with that same mission ever since.

Glendora Welfare's initial support was from community organizations. In 1995, it became an agency of the United Way. At one time, Glendora Welfare received a major portion of its financial support form Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) through HUD. Since it no longer receives these grants, GWA is dependent on the generosity of local service groups, foundations, churches, and private individuals. GWA is also very appreciative and happy to give acknowledgement to the businesses in the community for their generous support of this program.

In 1969, Glendora's Police Chief Duane Baker, proposed an expansion of the program. He expressed concern over the lack of referral agencies and resources which could assist his Department in dealing with the socio-economical problems of individuals coming to the attention of his departmental personnel. In addition, Don Fields, who was the First Vice President of the Foothill Independent Bank, introduced the need to expand the program to include transients. This recommendation was born from a personal problem Mr. Fields experienced in Hawaii when his car was broken into and his ID and money was stolen. As a result, GWA expanded its mission to include the Glendora transient population. However, due to lack of funds, GWA now only assists the transient population with referrals but concentrates its efforts and support on the citizens of Glendora as their emergency needs arise. Glendora Welfare continues today to take great pride in its partnership with the Glendora Police Department to provide assistance to its needy citizens.

The Glendora Welfare Association continues to provide caring, personal, and confidential help to you or your neighbors in difficult times.

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